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"And Jim France is one of the best Scrooges I have seen on stage. His "Bah humbugs" sound as if they come from the very core of his meanness and pose a ring of authenticity. It doesn't come across as an archaic phrase an actor blindly parrots just because he knows his character has to say it." Fort Myers Florida Weekly.
"The dances are remarkable and wonderful and even old Mr. Scrooge gets into dancing in the second act. Jim France does a tremendous job of playing Mr. Scrooge, insisting through the first act that Christmas has "nothing to do with him.The Island Sand Paper
"Jim France nails the pivotal role of Ebenezer Scrooge, the crotchety miser who learns the meaning of the holiday after a trio of ghosts visits him on Christmas Eve. Scrooge could come off as a cartoonish caricature, but France gives the man a real emotional arc over the course of the show. " The News-Press, Gulf Coasting
There's something about a "Fagin"" who is just about evil but really kind nevertheless; who cares not, yet cares; who takes advantage of his little thieves yet ensures their safety; who fears Bill but yet faces up to him; who realizes Oliver is different and needs protection and so saves him to his own cost. Jim France is brilliant in his depiction of this complex character. Arizona Sentinel